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Reported blast on London subway train sparks panic

There was panic Friday morning at a London Underground train station after a small explosion or fire on a train reportedly left at least two people injured.

London Fire Brigade and Metropolitan police officials confirmed they were responding to the incident at Parson’s Green Tube station in the southwest part of the British capital.

Commuters from the train posted messages and photos on social media showing police firefighters on the scene and describing panic as people escaped the smoke in the train car and then got out of the station, which is an above-ground stop on London’s Tube network.

Witnesses said on social media that at least two people appeared to have suffered burns or other minor injuries.

One photo posted online showed what appeared to be a large plastic bucket sitting inside a shopping bag, with what looked like charring around the top of the bucket. The photo did not appear to show obvious signs of an explosion, but there was evidence of a fire.

Witnesses from the train reported seeing a large flash or fireball. There was no extensive damage seen around the bag containing the charred bucket. Some images appeared to show wires protruding from the top of the bag, also.

London Underground suspended services on a stretch of the District Line, the one affected by the incident.

The London Fire Brigade confirmed in a tweet that firefighters had responded to a call at 8:21 a.m. (3:21 a.m. Eastern), but they did not confirm any details of the incident or casualties.

The incident occurred during the heart of the London rush hour, at a busy station in the Fulham area.

A hazardous materials response team was on the scene from the fire brigade and armed Metropolitan Police officers could be seen at the station.

Source: CBS

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