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Ranks of Saudi military engineers swollen with female appointees

A group of over 100 Saudi women have overcome gender barriers and contributed to the technological transformation of the Kingdom through their management of the Advanced Electronic Company’s (AEC) military factory.

The team has gained expertise in manufacturing roles that support areas of national importance such as digital transformation, energy efficiency and the localization of military industries.

They work on many key projects with advanced military equipment and electronic solutions such as assembling electronic components, operating complex machinery essential to the manufacturing process, producing and testing advanced systems such as laser optics, advanced screens, and optoelectronic devices.

After being trained in military standards, the women also oversee the development of technical presentations and cost analysis, as well as managing plant performance to adhere to the AEC’s stringent quality control procedures.

“As part of my role, I am responsible for supporting many of the manufacturing activities in the factory,” Shaza Khamis, a manufacturing engineer, told Arab News. “By applying time-study and work-measurement methods, I was able to implement efficient waste-free manufacturing techniques.”

Her colleague Lana Owaidah, a manufacturing engineer, told Arab News that the women share a wonderful team spirit and feel that they contribute something important to the country.

“I participate in setting up and operating the machines and processes, as well as adjusting the design of manufacturing tools and fixtures on the production line,” she said.

She added that everyone on the team is proud of their work and strives to provide their best efforts to the company and the Kingdom.

Ghadir Bin Jamaan, a production officer, said the factory’s success can be attributed to the employees’ desire to work according to the highest international standards.

“My role is to supervise the control of production cells and ensure that the team has the skills necessary to perform each task accurately according to the designs and technical specifications provided,” she told Arab News.

She said that she notices a strong sense of shared responsibility among the team. “Each team member has unique skills to add to the production line, and it is great to see everyone working together to achieve impressive results.”

Reem Malak, the configuration management specialist at the factory, said that they are proud to show the world that Saudi female engineers can contribute to manufacturing and production processes alongside their male colleagues.

“I am grateful to the AEC for all the support and training that I have received, as well as the opportunity that I have had to do this important work and contribute to a more energy-efficient future for the country and its people,” she added.

Source: Arab News

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