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Quantum computing reaching DP World in optimization drive

Dubai’s port company DP World is exploring quantum computing technology to optimize its operations, the company said in a statement.

It said it was working with D-Wave Systems, a Canadian quantum computing company, to look at how the advanced technology can be applied to DP World’s logistics and trade business.

The company organized training sessions for its employees, as well as actual quantum computing coding exercises.

The technology, DP World said, can be applied to industrial logistics, fleet and traffic management, and other operations across the supply chain.

“Quantum computing capabilities complement our need to reach ultimate smart trade and achieve a seamless logistics infrastructure, where everything is connected, devices work in harmony, and all our operations components communicate with each other intelligently,” Mohammed Al-Muallem, DP World’s chief executive, said.

Quantum computers provide exponential processing power to solve complex problems, better than traditional computers.

The move is part of DP World’s digital push.

Source: Arab News

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