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QSIS: Michelle Dunne

THE LEVANT -By Geoffrey Cook – Your reviewer is to continue his coverage of the Panel on violently the heretical radicalization (or Takfrization) of political Islam put together by the think tank, Islam and Democracy in this city (and Tunis).

(The preferred acronym for the United States for the self-denominate “Caliphate,” is ISIL [the “Islamic State” in Iraq and the Levant].)

The third presenter here in the District of Columbia was Michelle Dunne, Senior Associate in the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Middle East Program.
What has developed in DAASH, the Arabic acronym for that “State” is “a huge threat… [and] a [moral] abomination…which demands military action!”

(Dunne’s words demonstrate the imperative for this War. Yes, this is a war because the actors are States in the traditional sense.  Further, this enemy has indiscriminately employed  horribly excessive brutality against the Principles of the Islamic.  Further, in doing so, they are guilty of crimes against humanity and the crimes of warfare.  The only conflict that your narrator can compare it to is the Second World.

(For beyond isolating and degrading them, it is a fight for the Islamic humanitarian principles held and which all civilized nations believe, too.  Further, it is a false (apostate) Islam against whom, they have committed horrid atrocities against Muslims who have faithfully kept to the law of the Koran and hadith.

(Those fighting against this “State” on the ground are the (Sunni) Kurds, the Iraqis, the Lebanese — including Hezbollah, the Syrian government and, clandestinely, the Iranians.  Turkey has voted to enter, but they are, although their army is massed on the frontier with Syria, and could save the strategic border city of Kobane, are making unacceptable demands from the collective to do so.  The regional air forces are from the Sunni States. The European powers include Briton and France with many others committed to supplying humanitarian aid with Canada in North America and America leading the military accord.  Australia has sent portions of their air force to the fray and has promised to extend a carrier to the surrounding seas.  The U.N. (United States) is quite involved in monitoring the situation.

(As with this enemy, the Takfr are cursing the normative of Islam:   Those who interpret the faith differently than from their fundamentalist manner.  They have even executed individuals which their own Sharia law found innocent of any crimes deserving  death.  Further. they have even crucified and beheaded, and driven the People of the Book out of their ancestral homes.  These people have been at peace with their Islamic neighbors for over a millennium and one-half, and are even to be accepted under certain regulations found in the Koranic injunctions.

(They have expanded their lust upon captive woman [both Islamic and non-Islamic] selling them into slavery.  The Muslims of the region as well as the great powers realize the Caliphate’s apostasy.

(Under the Islamic principles, it is justified to attack these heretics for their great sins against the Prophet [PBUH]) and his Companions!

(ISIS [the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria], grew to power because of Nouri  al-Maliki’s Shia sectarian-dominated Mesopotamian administration – let us  not forget America’s  ill-advised previous “shock and awe” of 2003.  His government greatly alienated the Iraqi Sunni minority.  By time that the Grand Mufti of Egypt announced a new name for this pseudo-“State” as the al-Qaeda Separatists in Iraq and Syria (QSIS), the Sunnis in the areas initially supported them because of the sectarian divide.  Now, many of the supporters of this group  of mercenary fanatics, those who came to this struggle from the West and the Middle East, the remnants of Sadam Hussein’s army and various Sunni tribes have deserted in revulsion to their massacres .

(The question of whether they are a State or non-national terroristic guerillas like al-Qaeda,  from which they morphed, is an interesting one.  Your critic is of the opinion that they are a State that governs through horror.

(The U.S has cohered a diverse-divided alliance on  how to handle the threat into cohesive unified whole.)

Yet, if we, the Imperial powers, are not careful, Michelle Dunne said “…many of the [regional] powers will lead us to disaster.”  Although there are minute clusters of civil society that oppose the anti-IS (“Islamic State”) confederation, the minority within the MENA (Middle East / North Africa) space support the destruction of the Takfr nation.

Washington has been resisting the polarization of allied forces since we do no longer lead.  Succinctly we have no managing strategies. There is resistance in the Homeland (United States) for yet another long-term engagement in the Middle East.  Therefore, she deems “The U.S. has to prevail over ISIL within a short period of time.”

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