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Qaeda allegedly urges Yemen’s Sunnis to fight Houthis

THE LEVANT  – A Wednesday statement allegedly issued by Al-Qaeda called on Yemen’s Sunnis to take up arms against the Shiite Houthi group, which recently wrested control of most state institutions in capital Sana’a.

“Sunnis, take up arms, take the path of struggle and know that your rights are only attained by the gun,” Al-Qaeda purportedly said in the statement.

Anadolu Agency has not been able to independently verify the statement, in which the terrorist group allegedly promises victory for Yemen’s Sunnis “soon.”

“Al-Qaeda has already prepared itself to defend the Sunnis,” the group purportedly says.

The group lashed out at the Houthi leadership, accusing it of destroying mosques and burning religious books. It also accused Houthi militants of carrying out a “Persian” plot in Yemen.

AA could not obtain immediate comment from the Houthi movement on the alleged Al-Qaeda statement.

Yemen entered a fresh stage of turmoil earlier this week after state institutions in the capital fell under Houthi control.

In recent weeks, thousands of Houthi supporters have been demonstrating in and around Sana’a to demand the dismissal of the government and a reduction of fuel prices.

On Sunday, Yemeni President AbdRabbuh Mansur Hadi signed a deal with the Houthi leadership aimed at ending the tension.

The deal calls for the formation of a new government within three days; the appointment of a non-partisan prime minister; and the appointment of a Houthi adviser to the president.

Yemen has been dogged by political instability since the 2012 ouster of longtime ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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