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Most prominent Syrian developments For Monday 21 September 2015

Most prominent Syrian developments For Monday 21 September 2015

Most prominent Syrian developments For Monday 21 September 2015

The Levant News Exclusive — Damascus – Battlefield sources mentioned two car explosions in Ras Ayn, attacking two locations of “Kurdish People’s Defense Units” at Mushrafa village in the southeast countryside of Hasaka.

The attack wasn’t adopted by any force, however, several sources, accused ISIS due to its presence in the Syrian north, and the ongoing battles with Kurds.

This consecutively came with closing the city entrances, and cutting of the roads by the protection unites, with a heavy deployment of its members .

This also coincided with a Syrian army heavy bombing on ISIS sites in the north and northeast of Syria. The sources said that the army carried out approximately eight air raids on the barracks of ISIS in Zahra school, Sa’a, Qadesiyah school, Romaniya, Raqqa downtown, etc, leaving human and material losses.

Deir Ezzour province also experienced a similar bombing where the Syrian air forces carried out sorties affecting ISIS gatherings in the villages of Kharitah and Ayyash what was said by opposition sources .

Opposition activists assured that the Syrian army had an early morning hours fighting with ISIS at the surrounding areas of Shaer oil field,  in the eastern countryside of Homs, amid human losses for both sides. That was coincided with the Syrian air force bombardment targetting ISIS sites in the city of Palmyra, what was confirmed by the opposition activists.

The Syrian army also had artillery targetted other Islamic Brigades, in Rastan, and the western town of Houla in the countryside of Homs, with lack of information about losses.  While a bombing missile attacking the opposition fighters sites, resulted no injuries.

In parallel, some sources published a video showing assistance teams heading to pull wounded and bodies, pointing to the existence of a number under debris in the city of Aleppo. And the Central Blood Bank in the city of Aleppo, has announced its need for blood donation of all groups, to fill the need in field hospitals there.

Some sources said, that an artillery bombardment on the opposition fighters in Karm Jabal district, had registered no injuries.

In the countryside of the capital Damascus, the Syrian army had artillery targetted “Army Of Islam” sites in Douma amid warplanes bombing Islamic brigades sites in the front vehicle management and the towns of Harasta and Arbin.

ٍSOURCE: Beirut Center For Middle East Studies

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