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Posthumous letter from Robert Morris

Dear President Trump,

Thank you for what you are doing
and for your courageous and grounded presence on this beautiful planet.
I can see that you are aware and wise
to the lesson learned
since I helped General Washington
in the war effort,
and that you won’t go broke like I did,
though I do not regret at all what I did back then.

The World War was instigated
by those who are interested in perpetuating
the unearned income
for their
The actions of their puppets
in politics and media (fake news)
instigated conflict and confusion back then
just as it is doing now
with regard to your Team’s actions
to save the USA from the DOOM
of those who use the hoardable form of money
to manipulate our market conditions
and force those who need the money,
even like The Fed
to pay the interest tribute
in someway
either now
or later.

I wish you the best good friend
as you continue to steer The Great Ship USA around the storms
or even through them
keeping a close eye on that very special
new guiding star in the heavens;
Unhoardable Money with demurrage;
Declaring demurrage on The US dollar;
The Natural Economic Order (Silvio Gesell)

I AM with you Sir,
Robert Morris
Russell Morris
Angel NicGillicuddy
The Beast **
I have seen the writing on
The Wall
and I have surrendered
in fact I will become subservient
to each who uses
GOD’s Money;
The US dollar with demurrage

* source
Journal of The American Revolution
How Robert Morris’s “Magic” Money
Saved The American Revolution
Harlow Giles Unger
March 12, 2019

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