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Pope praises UAE for promoting tolerance

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, has affirmed that tolerance and UAE are ”two sides of the same coin” during an audience with Sara Almahri, Acting Charge d’Affaires of the UAE Embassy in Madrid.

Pope Francis commended the UAE’s vision for promoting values of coexistence and tolerance, which he said that he himself had seen its results in the Arab region and many parts of the world.

Almahri also met with members of the Council of Cardinals (C9), including the Pope’s Personal Secretary, Yoannis Lahzi.

She said her visit to the Vatican came within the efforts aimed at deepening mutual respect, enhancing interfaith dialogue and spreading peace, security and fraternity among all people.

She affirmed the UAE’s sincere desire to continue cooperation with the State of the Vatican City so as to promote the values of tolerance, harmony and peaceful coexistence.

She added that the papal visit to the UAE in February had sent out positive messages regionally and internationally.

Vatican officials praised the role played by the UAE in establishing values of tolerance and coexistence, hailing the UAE’s tolerant and open policy as an example that should be emulated in the region.

Source: WAM

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