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Pope Francis calls for peace and mercy in Sudan

Pope Francis on Sunday appealed for peace in Sudan following a bloody crackdown by security forces on pro-democracy protesters in Khartoum last week.

“The news coming from Sudan is giving rise to pain and concern. We pray for these people, so that the violence ceases and the common good is sought in the dialogue,” the pope said in his weekly address to crowds in St Peter’s Square.

Opposition medics say 113 people were killed in this week’s violence in the Sudanese capital, while the government has put the death toll at 61, including three members of the security services.

Sudan’s main alliance of opposition groups and protesters have urged workers and employees to stay home on Sunday, launching what it called a campaign of civil disobedience to force military rulers to hand over power to civilians.

Source: Reuters

Written by The Levant

One comment on “Pope Francis calls for peace and mercy in Sudan”

  1. He could make such a difference
    if he would just say something
    like “The Beast’s power
    Lies in the secret evil device
    Of hoardable money.
    We must “melt” this power
    By declaring Demurrage
    On The US dollar.
    Other currencies will follow
    Or join.”
    I don’t think an omnipotent God
    is telling him to pray
    And ask everyone else to pray
    To Him.
    Or is someone else telling him what to say?
    Angel NicGillicuddy ?