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Police raid Riad Salameh's house and Lebanese central Bank

Lebanon's state security forces raided Tuesday the residence of Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh in Rabieh without managing to find him, media reports said.

The state security forces then headed to the Central Bank headquarters in Beirut to enforce a subpoena issued by Mount Lebanon Public Prosecutor Judge Ghada Aoun. Aoun arrived later to the Bank and entered it with a number of state security agents, as the patrol was not allowed to enter the bank by Beirut Public Prosecution Judge Raja Hamoush.

"Beirut's Public Prosecution ordered us to leave," Aoun told the journalists as she left the place. She added that the Public Prosecution had earlier approved the raid.

Aoun had issued the subpoena against Salameh in February after he failed to show up for a third interrogation session in a lawsuit filed against him by the People Want to Reform the System group. She pledged that she "will continue to pursue Salameh until he is brought to justice."

The lawsuit accuses the governor of "illicit enrichment, money laundering and squandering public funds on personal benefits."

The Syndicate of Central Bank employees later on Tuesday announced a three-day strike to protest Aoun's move.


Written by The Levant