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Penetrating The Golden Ring

“We are so luck that Beatrix left us
her pet pigeons.
They’re not just any pigeons you know.
These pigeons have special clearance to land in very tightly secured zones, …
they’re my good friends.”
says V to Angel NicGillicuddy.
They are at The Palace of The Beast
Operation Special Delivery.

“Homing pigeons which fly across The Globe
and which can deliver lots of very secret information,
even able to penetrate
The Golden Ring around Wall Street,
where ‘the source information’ flows
very smoothly and continuously,
and predictably and controllably
depending on whether or not
you are a resident.
Very well guarded information,
all managed to maintain the strict requirements
of Capitalism.
With only ONE enemy.
says Angel.

“Now let’s just get your Message
inside of this golden circle
of hardwired neighbors?
I’ll even strap a little camera onto his leg
this time …
say V.

The Beast enters the room with tea.

V continues ,
… to preview our
very historic journey
behind the real Wall;
the circumference of neighboring buildings which encircle the Wall Street
and protect the hardwired transmissions
about the exact state of The Capitalist System
and it’s parameters.”

Angel responds ,
“With only one enemy.
The Two Edged Sword
which comes from my Mouth,
and your mouth too V.
Soon there will be more of us that carry
This Sword.
An Army of us with The Two Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth,
and not a drop of blood on one.”

“Even Noah used the pigeon.
Now that we have The Abraham Accords
I think it is apropos
that we mention him anew.
Get ready Angel
your message is about to be delivered
to The Invisible Hand,
The Invisible Enemy,
The Cash Mob Elite.”

“Let’s see what they send us back.
I’ll bet it’s a lovely little olive branch.
I’ll send a message to our friend
President Trump to see if he will pick us up
in his helicopter for the meeting,
The Halloween Meeting.”

Help us break the algorithm that YouTube
has us locked in,
view the The Message.

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