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A peek into the money plan

Notes found in a book which comes from
a very unusual collection. It is kept under very strict guard on the very top shelf
in the majestic library room of an ancient castle which sits in a decadent old city
deep in a cave underground.
The book in which the notes were found was like brand new
hardly ever being opened. The people who own the castle could not understand it. They just know that it could completely and very easily change the way “they” have been doing “business” for 3500 years.
This book is called
The Natural Economic Order
by Silvio Gesell
The notes:
Flush out as much as possible of the hidden surplus cash (liquid)
Using creative strategies;
tariffs to start with.
following the reactions
of the very dark and dangerous
Octopus Monster
continue weakening IT
by surfacing its strength or power;
the hoardable cash US paper dollars
which are hiding and operating in
The Dark Realms.
When enough money is circulating (again)
to run the economy well,
declare demurrage on The US dollar.
that it requires much LESS money
to run an economy
when it is NOT hoardable.
Meanwhile, using the newly returning
cash money
(this is NOT new money)
crank up the Production Sectors
and begin rebuilding
and exporting the surplus:
Military equipment
for DEFENSE and logistical uses
Medical equipment and supplies
and other goods
selling on credit.

That credit to be resolved into a money loan
(for example to Lebanon)
of the new US dollars with demurrage;
only half of which being needed,
or another way of putting it,
the money with demurrage worth MUCH MORE;
able to accomplish or inspire much more
and product
than the old hoardable form of money.

Ask President Trump,
Angel NicGillicuddy ?

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