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Pan-Arab paper claims Saleh’s immunity lift is imminent

According to al-Quds al Arabi, a prominent pan-Arab newspaper, Yemen President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s latest visit to Saudi Arabia earlier this week will lead to key developments in the country.

Making mention of Sana’a central government’s new northern front against the Houthis, a group of armed tribal militants organized under the leadership of Abdel-Malek al-Houthi, the newspaper claims that President Hadi sought support in Riyadh, hoping to get the political back up he needs to adequately deal with the Houthi crisis and those powers which from behind are playing instability to their advantage: mainly former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his affiliates.

While former President Saleh has always denied having anything to do with the new Houthi insurgency, many analysts and political commentators have argued that he aims to use the dissident group to not only delegitimize the central government but create enough instability to stage a coup. If Saudi Arabia, Saleh’ staunchest supporter throughout the transition of power has so far always blocked attempts to strip him from his immunity, urging frustrated officials to find a way to compromise their way through post-Arab Spring Yemen, it could be the country’s former strongman is running out of options as his critics are getting ever louder.

A Quds has reported that Saudi Arabia is ready to abandon former President Saleh to his fate and let him face the music. Whether the kingdom is serious in such threat remains to be seen, especially since it was Riyadh which leaned heavily on Yemen to make Saleh’s immunity blanket a reality in the first place.

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