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Palestinians Urge International Action against Israel’s Aggression

The international community should uphold its role and force Israel to stop its aggression against the Palestinian people as agreed upon on November 2012, Thursday said Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat in a press statement. “We are a people under occupation,” said Erekat, adding: “Israel does not defend itself, as some people would say. It rather defends its occupation, its aggression and its settlements, and that is the reality.” He went on to say that the current Israeli operation against Gaza is an all-out war, stressing that the aggression has so far resulted in 81 killings in addition to hundreds of injuries during only the past 48 hours. “We seek, in all our capacities, to defend our people. We should act ‘shoulder to shoulder’ and utilize our power against the right direction, which is Israel’s aggression and occupation,” said Erekat. “Now is the time for national unity,” stressed Erekat. Furthermore, Palestinian Premier Rami Hamdallah called Thursday the UN Security Council to provide immediate protection for the Palestinian people and oblige Israel to stop its genocide against defenseless Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip. “We have directed an urgent appeal to all international medical relief organizations that operate in Palestine, such as World Health Organization, Red Cross and Médecins sans Frontières, to consolidate their efforts to provide relief and medical supplies for Palestinians in Gaza,” said Hamdallah in a press conference held at the Premier’s headquarters in Ramallah. He noted that eight truckloads of medical supplies were sent and medics were dispatched to the besieged enclave to be complemented with other five truckloads on Friday despite all Israeli obstacles. The Premier condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli aggression on Gaza that claimed the lives of 81 Palestinians, mostly from children, women and elderly, and injured over 600 others. He condemned in particular Israeli genocides against household associates, journalists and medics. He expressed his gratitude for all official efforts, especially those exerted by Egypt, aimed to support the Palestinian people. The Premier concluded by stressing that the Presidency steps to take international action in response to the Israeli aggression, making special reference to a letter sent by President Mahmoud Abbas to his Swiss counterpart to hold emergency consultations for holding an emergency summit to force Israel to be committed to the international laws amid its aggression on the Palestinians.


Sources – Wafa

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