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Palestinian photographer says shot during West Bank demo

The Levant News -- A Palestinian photographer said he was shot in the leg Friday as he covered a demonstration in the occupied West Bank suppressed by Israeli troops.

Independent cameraman Ahmed Talaat, speaking to AFP by telephone as he was being evacuated by ambulance, said he had been shot in the thigh by a .22 calibre bullet, of the type used by the Israeli army.

He said he was hit while covering a weekly demonstration against Jewish settlements held in Kafr Kaddum, west of Nablus.

Organizers said Talaat had been wearing a vest marked "Press" and was carrying several cameras.

Palestinian news agency Wafa said two demonstrators were also wounded by gunfire.

An army spokeswoman said she could not provide any information on the incidents.

Already high tensions between Palestinians and Israelis spiked on Friday, a day after suspected Palestinian gunmen shot dead a Jewish settler and his wife as they drove through the West Bank in their car with their four young children.

Source: The Daily Star

Written by The Levant