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Palestine to sue Trump, Netanyahu at ICC

The Palestinian Authority plans to file a complaint against U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the International Criminal Court (ICC), according to a Palestinian official.

Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki will fly to The Hague soon to sue the U.S. administration over Trump’s recent decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Saleh Rafat, an executive committee member of the umbrella Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), told the official Voice of Palestine radio.

Trump’s decision has “violated all international laws and resolutions”, Rafat said, without giving further details about the complaint.

Al-Maliki will file another ICC complaint against Netanyahu and his Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman for “their involvement in crimes against the Palestinian people”, Rafat said.

Israeli navy arrests 10 fishermen off Gaza shores
Israeli naval forces arrested 10 Palestinian fishermen off the coast of the Gaza Strip on Monday, according to a Palestinian spokesman.“The fishermen were detained while fishing south of the Gaza Strip,” Nizar Ayyash, head of Gaza’s fishermen union, told Anadolu Agency.He said three fishing boats had also been confiscated by Israeli forces.There was no comment from the Israeli military on the arrests.Israel arrests 16 Palestinians in West BankAccording to the fishermen union, roughly 50,000 Gazans earn their living from fishing.After Israel’s devastating military onslaught against Hamas-run Gaza in mid-2014, in which some 2,150 Palestinians were killed, Israel began allowing Palestinian fishermen to fish up to six nautical miles off the Gaza coast, as opposed to three nautical miles previously.Last May, Israeli authorities increased the fishing area for Gazan fishermen to nine nautical miles.

Israel arrests 16 Palestinians in West Bank
Israeli forces have detained 16 Palestinians in overnight raids across the Israeli-occupied West Bank, according to the Israeli military.The individuals were arrested for “suspected involvement in popular terrorist activities,” the army said in a Monday statement without giving further details.According to Palestinian figures, roughly 6,400 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons, including dozens of women and 300 minors.Some 450 of these are under what Israel calls “administrative detention” where they face no trial or charge. Twelve members of the Palestinian Legislative Council also remain in Israeli custody.The Israeli army frequently carries out sweeping arrest campaigns across the occupied West Bank under the pretext of searching for “wanted” Palestinians.Israel holds 340 Palestinian students19 Gazans martyred since Trump’s Jerusalem declarationClashes in West Bank leave Palestinian youth dead

Israel launches large-scale military exercise
The Israel Defense Forces launched a large-scale military drill Sunday evening, which will continue seven days throughout the country, in order to prepare for a “possible major war”, according to the local media report. The local media reported citing a military statement that the nationwide exercise launched with siren sounds.The Jewish settlements near the Gaza Strip were not involved in the exercise, the report said. On March 4, the Israeli army launched another joint drill with the U.S. military against a “possible attack” that could come from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. That exercise is scheduled to continue until mid-March.The U.S. and Israeli armies have been conducting joint military exercises since 2001.In February, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in a statement that Israel would use all of its power and mobilize the land forces to enter Lebanon if the Lebanese-based Hezbollah movement launched a war.Following the statement, the Lebanese Supreme Defense Council held a high-profile meeting on the “Security of Lebanon” at the Baabda Presidential Palace in the capital Beirut and ordered the military to prepare to confront any possible attack from Israel.

On Dec. 6, Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, triggering world outcry and protests across the Palestinian territories.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the perennial Middle East conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem — occupied by Israel since 1967 — might eventually serve as the capital of an independent Palestinian state.

In late 2014, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas signed the Rome Statute, the ICC’s governing treaty.

In April 2015, Palestine has become an official member of the The Hague-based court.

Source: Yeni Şafak English

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