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Haitian money (The Levant News archive).

Operation “Watch Haiti”

Angel NicGillicuddy Press Release Haiti:
“We have been called, now, to proceed with
the Engagement of
Church Money with Demurrage,
beginning with The Basic Income with demurrage (holding charges).
Here are the details.
Keep in mind
The Church already has
a very old and well-developed
international business network,
including for example
Samaritan’s Purse, very unique
distribution experts.

Step One:
Pope Francis Proclaims
Church Money with Demurrage (holding charges)
in response to the earthquake in
(As The Model
for other countries suffering economic crisis)
Every person attending church shall receive, if they want it,
the communion on Sunday
The Basic Income with demurrage;
$10 per week,
in denominations of 10 cents. *
Newcomers are welcome.
* prices can be made to accommodate

This Basic Income
will be PAPER money,
nothing fancy,
which “melts” completely and is void
on the following Sunday
when the next
basic income with demurrage is received.

“Extra” money will be a consequence
of this basic income money payment.
Many people will be the holder
of this extra money,
rich people
and poor people too,
who will now have “extra” money
on top of the dollar a day *  they were living on before.
* This information comes from someone who has been doing business there for 30 years. This is the starting point for Basic Income in Haiti.

For poor people
this will be more than double
extra money in their pocket.
“Rich” people will benefit less,
but I am sure something good
will result of it.
It is The Way of
unhoardable money with demurrage.
Middle class will benefit a lot.

Many people will begin making strategies now
for what to do with the extra dollars (traditional dollars, not the ones which will be “melting” as part of the basic income).
all extra money will be of the
traditional form.

This being said,
arrangements to pay off debts
can be made
using the never ending upward market,
of Haiti,
which is driven (never held back)
by unhoardable money
with demurrage.
By that, I mean that investment in Haiti is almost guaranteed to be a growing return. For example in the industry of
Hemp/ Cannabis.
Attention Environmentalists.

The product ( Hemp, Cannabis)
can be further processed in Haiti,
providing more work,
more and more,
all that Haiti needs
to be as self-sufficient as possible
food, clothing, building materials,
green energy.

the hemp/ cannabis
can be exported,
most likely these same companies in Haiti being owned by Americans or maybe Arabs, but it doesn’t really matter,
the hemp will be sold for US dollars
at the most competitive price of any,
the money going to a good cause;
to help Haiti.
But they will be fine.
It will SOON be SEEN.

All the paper or US dollars coming into Haiti will be exchanged for
Church Money
with demurrage;
it takes LESS money and
using unhoardable money
with demurrage
compared to the hoardable form of money.
US dollars collected in exchange
for the Church Money with demurrage
will not just sit,
nor will it leak away into hidden channels.
It will be prearranged
to use these extra dollars
for paying off debt.

And what will be done with those same
hoardable dollars
then? …
Will people REGRESS even MORE
by FALLING back
into loaning
again? …

will whoever ends up being the HOLDERS (again)
of that money
(The hoardable US dollars)
decide consciously, willingly
and in their own best interest,
guided yet by EGO (the self-preserving natural impulse),
will those holders decide
to exchange hoardable money
for unhoardable money with demurrage? *
Many of these money holders
will already have presence in Haiti
and benefit greatly from its improvement
and the success of it’s economy.

* It is important to note that
Church Money with demurrage (holding charges)
at a much slower rate than
The Basic Income with demurrage.
It is separate money.
Where the basic Income with demurrage melts 100% from week to week
and is replaced by new issue (if and where needed),
Church Money with demurrage
at a rate more like 10% (adjustable)
per YEAR.
This allows plenty of time
for the money to make it’s circulation; exchanges being completed (reciprocal trade) all along,
stalling or being left open. *
* stalled deals are the unknown that feeds fear

Who will accept this money? …
Remember, The Church
has old
and very well established
business networks and relationships,
for example
Samaritans purse,
one of the newer partners.

The Church Money with demurrage,
if it happens to accumulate anywhere,
can be traded in for US dollars, again,
if that is what is desired.
Where will the money accumulate? …
The Issuer.
But they will not keep it either.
They will manage the money amount.
It takes much LESS money
to keep a stabile CPI
when using unhoardable money
with demurrage.
All good investment options exhausted (eventually)
this extra money can go towards paying off National Debt* .

* The Ransom
on all of The Captive Land,
in this case Haiti, the country,
whoever has the money lien on Haiti being paid off in full, including interest.

Will the money which came from The Church to finance
The Basic Income with demurrage
ever be paid back? …
But not one penny more nor one penny less; no interest.
Just a loan
by The Holy Church
to it’s followers;
The TRUEST Christians.
Using unhoardable money with demurrage
does this to people.

The Beast is made

“Watch Haiti”.
That is the name of this new step.
Watch them rise.
The Last
will be FIRST.

And now, I will take any questions.”

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