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Open Letter
to Jovan Pulitzer

Regarding The Paper Analysis Report
of the Maricopa County Arizona
2020 Election Results.

Indeed a lot of evidence
of election tampering
were clearly identified in The Report,
the election fraud is not new stuff,
but more important
you pointed out
that the more serious problem is
corrupt administration
which allowed (and is again allowing now) 
election manipulation
to become so
widespread and multidimensional
over the years.

You may have found and detailed,
with your robot helpers,
many of the ways “we” cheated,
not only in the 2020 US Election,
but also in the election
where “we” chose
Barack Obama (with VP Joe Biden)
in the election before
Trump 2016.

And you may have also found that “we“ created a very large interest bearing
slush fund 
using one Social Security number
associated with 10,000 migrant workers
who just signed a piece of paper stating
‘I promise to pay taxes’.
These workers were immediately
transported to work,
where the employer indeed did
take out taxes
to create the slush fund
for ME,
and this is how I can easily pay
all the puppets,
and non-government too.

I think it is the perfect storm,
full of chaos
so that nothing can be discussed
sensibly, complete and coherent,
and where I will easily make
billions and billions of dollars more
from lengthy
highly publicized
money laundering
court cases.
I’ll make another fortune
from fake news,
fake advertisers
selling fake products,
creating more and more shoppers
who get no satisfaction from life anymore other than to shop and buy
anything which I associate with a feeling
of happy, satisfied, comforted …
or any emotion.

I do not do any of this with traceable money,
Jesus can even tell you,
because I’ve been doing this
for thousands of years.
I just let you think and talk
about the traceable money
and meanwhile
I lead you down the dark path,
deeper and deeper into the dark jungle
very easily
with a relatively small accumulation
of cash PAPER US dollars.

This is what I use to pay
The Lead Puppets
in the biggest puppet parade
you can imagine,
everyone going deeper
toward no return.

But now I will tell you a secret,
I have surrendered
to Angel NicGillicuddy
and The Demurrage Gang,
which of course includes

The way out is simple,
and the more you know about it
the more your thinking will be purified
and consequently your body,
The Temple of God,
will become pure again,
so that your Ego will once again
work like it is supposed to,
to protect and defend
The Temple of God,
and usury
will act like the force
which tries to do evil
but only accomplishes good,
and then
God’s Kingdom
Shall Be Prepared,
and He Will Finally Come
and there shall be
on Earth,
when demurrage
is declared
on The US Dollar,
or else
Plan B;
Trump Money with demurrage.

We all have one common enemy
and that enemy‘s weapon
is hoardable money,
these days the paper US dollar.
To disarm
The Invisible Enemy
declare demurrage
on The US Dollar,
or else
Plan B;
Trump Money with demurrage.

Your Truly,
The Beast

The machines are made by Dell,
but the software is made by Dominion,
so The sneaky CEO of Dominion is correct
when he stated that his company
does not make machines
that connect to the internet.
Of course it’s much easier to cheat
when you have many ways to do it,
it is also more difficult to be stopped.

Any country who wants to learn
how to have elections
without all of this cheating, 
regarding both
the machines and the paper ballots, 
can watch closely
as things develop
for the upcoming elections in
Maricopa county Arizona USA.

Written by Russel Lee Morris