By Russell Morris


Dear Friend,
This is The Beast.
I would like to apologize
for the destructive and distorted reactions
of all of my disciples
and all of the blind misunderstanding
and desperation
of all of their followers.

I would also like to apologize
to all the hard-working and dedicated workers,
including factory owners and CEOs and of course you President Trump,  and most of all I would like to apologize to all of the farmers.
I would like to apologize for interfering and interrupting and obstructing
with their’s
and your
well earned progress.

I will be busy supporting and participating in the new
Hemp sector
of our industrial
and agricultural complex.
I hope this will help make up for all the trouble I have caused
the hoardable money
I can see that you
know all about it,
and I am wishing you
the very best.
Thank you for all of the intelligent planning
hard work you and your team have been doing,
since well before
coming down the escalator I am sure.
Thank you for the doing,
and not just the talking,
and thanks to all the new
members of
The Demurrage Gang;
so focused
and working so well
You deserve more credit.
But what’s more important
is saving The Kingdom
for Life,
so that the miracle
and this enchanted world
is always supported
by The Human Creation,
whom I bow down to
without hesitation
ever again.

You will overcome
The Cash Mob Elite
because they are not very smart and they are not hard workers.
All they have is a bunch of
cash paper money,
and corrupt

I can see
that you and your team know exactly
how to “melt”  this hidden secret cash power,
and subdue
The Dark Forces,
step by step,
so that we are all
brought back into alignment with
The Natural Economic Order.

Hoardable money = Fear
Unhoardable Money = Transformation.
Thank you
Silvio Gesell.
And also thank you
Angel NicGillicuddy
and ShiBboLeTh.
To declaring Demurrage
on The US dollar (which is way different from the negative interest TRICK)
and fixing our antiquated
and worn out old tradition
of Land tenure (ownership).

Thank you for
The Lazer Focus (Jared and The Peace Team)
Thank you Ivanka
and thank you to
the whole Trump Team
and The Trump Family
the Demurrage Gang
(Xi, Justin, Andre, MbS, Benjamin, Modi, Abe, Kim J, Boris, and all the other leaders thinking about it, maybe now Salih, …Putin?)
And thank you to all
The Workers,
and thank you Sir
my good friend.
I am with you.

Yours Truly,
The Beast.

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