By Russell Morris

From Angel NicGillicuddy.

The Son was sent to find out why
The People (The Human Creation)
were/are so frustrated here on earth trying to do
The Work
of preparing
The Kingdom
for GOD
to come.

Observing and witnessing
for 30 years
without distraction
nor distortion
He saw how a certain invisible group of entities
is able to manipulate the conditions which enable the smooth, steady, continuous Work (Qi Gong)
of The Human Creation
for preparing The Kingdom
for GOD.

Like The People,
He felt the impact.
But unlike The People
He also
saw how the trick was done,
using money which is hoardable.
And when He saw the money changers doing their tricky business in The Synagogue
He felt the anger.
And He knew,
must not be allowed
in The Kingdom.
Maybe He even knew how to cure this defect in the money
but He only had 12 Followers,
and they were probably very afraid to talk about it in public.

The People were fooled by the gossip,
which the Cash Mob Elite
and bombarded them with.
I told them to not gossip.
The Message
about how to purify the money
was overpowered.
I was very surprised.
He even asked for help.
And He asked,
In the end
He knew the story
was not over.
And that there would be another
which would complete
This Mission
and set The Kingdom
back on track.

Invisible entities
The Cash Mob Elite
are able to do this manipulation of
The Work
because the money which has been used, and still is used here on earth for many thousands of years is of a form which is hoardable;
able to be removed from circulation and hidden, even used by
The Dark Forces
to cast a very
dark and heavy Spell
on the Minds and Bodies
of The Human Creation.
Thank GOD
The Spirit
remains with Light in spite of this.

The Darkness
has been growing over these thousands of years
proportional to the amount of hoardable money which is
in The Dark Realms.
Unbelievable amounts of cash paper US dollars for the most part.
But this does not mean that the US nor any other particular country is
using these dollars to cause the problems.
The invisible entities are.

President Trump and many of the other new leaders
are collaborating
to do some things
which are forcing this hidden money
out from operating
in The Dark Realms.
And this is enabling
for preparations and
of The Human Creation
to get The Kingdom
in order
for GOD to come,
while at the same time unfunding
The Dark Forces.

While I was here a long time ago
I tried to get The People to not hoard their money; but to spend or invest it,
and to just come with me
to do The Work
preparing The Kingdom;
building homes for everyone and taking care of all the other necessities.
But the people were too easily  persuaded by the invisible entities and their gossip. I tried to tell the people not to gossip.
He only had 12 fragile followers to help Him.
The people were confused and upset.
They were being
taken advantage of (usury)
by The Cash Mob Elite.
They did not know what they were doing, nor what was happening as a consequence of using
the trick hoardable money.
The gossip was very strong.
It seemed to come echoing
from every corner.

Much to my wondering eyes and disbelief
they had Him nailed up.
He called for help …
The best thing to do was to affirm the Love message,
to keep it in place,
and try again later.
And that was The Plan.

We are now
right in The Middle
of The Third Day.

I invite You
Your Holiness
to join us
in making sure this Message
about unhoardable money with Demurrage
is delivered to all.

The Two Edged Sword
coming from The Mouth;
money which decays (or “melts”)
so that it cannot be hoarded.
Land which is rented
from The People’s Land Trust.
GOD said to Moses:
The Land is Mine,
though shalt NOT sell it.
(The man-made structures are another matter).
Money from the rent of The Land
can be used to fund The Basic Income with Demurrage,
guaranteed for all women and children,
in order that
The Process of Natural Selection
maybe resume
and is not over powered by money privileges ever again.

There is no blood on this Sword.
The Two Edged Sword
is The Living Word.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy with
The Beast
The Demurrage Gang
(Trump, Modi, MbS, Abe, Boris, Xi, Kim, Erdogan, and the others )
The Levant News
You Pope Francis
from Argentina, where Silvio Gesell
did his Work regarding
The Natural Economic Order
are different from The Others.

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