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On the road to Silicon Valley

We’d be lying if we said travelling to cover technology wasn’t part of the fun. Over the years Gulf News reporters have traveled to North America, Europe, Asia and Africa to cover technology trends or the latest gadget launch.
But it’s rare for a tech company to actually hold a conference or launch event in Silicon Valley, with one exception. Twice every year, journalists from around the world fly into San Francisco International to attend one of two Apple events.

Every September, they come for the latest iPhone, and every June they show up the World Wide Developers Forum, an event known more for Apple’s software announcements, although gadgets sometimes find their way into the lineup also.
Guess what next week is? That’s right, one again Gulf News will be covering the WWDC, but this year, we’re going to do things a little differently.
Most people usually only see the main event, or the articles that came out in the days after. This year, we’re going to show you the process of what goes into covering a mega-tech event, including everything from the flight to California to the post-announcement rush to get the story out. We’ll also show you a little bit about the San Francisco Bay Area and the Valley itself, including where to get the best Mission Burrito and watch the Warriors plays the Cavaliers. Think of it more as a travel blog that a tech report, although there will be plenty of both.

Source: Gulf News

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