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Off-road motorbike ambulances unveiled in Abu Dhabi

bu Dhabi Police have introduced ten new motorbike ambulances to be used as part of the forces’ fleet of first responder patrol vehicles.

The motorbike ambulances are specially designed for desert. These ambulance bikes are called “Spiders” which were launched at the Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

These bikes can enter crowded and narrow streets where other ambulance vehicles find hard to access.

Abu Dhabi Police are always at the forefront in utilising the best quality response vehicles to help overcome the challenges of emergency tasks, and harnessing the best techniques and solutions.”

– Brig-Gen Ali Khalfan Al Daheri | Director of Central Operations Sector, Abu Dhabi Police

Major-General Mohammad Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, said the off-road motorbikes are equipped with the latest medical equipment and innovative solutions, including hydraulic technology (cutters), fire extinguishers and an automated external defibrillator that will help emergency personnel respond more efficiently to accidents and ensure the safety of victims. Nowadays, ambulances have to be equipped with lots of different forms of technology to ensure care for all patients. Defibrillators are among one of the most used tools in the medical industry (click here to learn about the different types of defibrillators), with over 150 being used daily in Europe.

During the unveiling of the new motorbikes, Brigadier-General Ali Khalfan Al Daheri, director of the police’s Central Operations Sector, said the latest additions are part of the force’s continuous efforts to enhance the public’s confidence and provide high quality services.

“The introduction of motorbike ambulance patrols are one of many initiatives by Abu Dhabi Police, which seek to enhance the public’s confidence through the provision of high quality police services in line with the best practices in the field so as to ensure that the emirate continues to be a safe and secure society,” he added.

Source: Gulf News

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