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Iran Nuclear Deal, unlocking the Middle East

by Catherine Shakdam —

THE LEVANT NEWS — Iran and the US do not need to be at war, nor should they! And though this clash of the Titans still fits within the hegemonic ambitions of hawkish Israel and its American patsies, the world today simply cannot afford to pay lip-service to peace when collaboration offers more interesting, and let’s admit more lucrative prospects. Russia actually hit the nail right on the head when its Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, suggested building economic ties to reinforce political goodwill and dispel poverty-born frictions. And since financial security has a way of dispelling populations’ taste for blood and war, why not take a page out of Moscow’s book and build bridges rather than drop bombs? Iran’s nuclear deal would be the perfect cornerstone. And yes it will take time – no one said it wouldn’t. But then again I would much rather see nations be slow at peace-building than hasty in wars. The main point is, change happened and for the first time since former US President George W Bush gave his infamous and ominous “axis of evil” speech, we are all breathing a little easier; the world is not monochrome anymore. In this brand new space the P5+1 helped create, Iran will reclaim its place at the international roundtable and act both a buffer and a deterrent to an otherwise overpowering Saudi narrative in the Middle East. Needless to say that Saudi Arabia’s own brand of exceptionalism is in need of curtailing, and some good old fashion political and economic pluralism could just be what the doctor’s ordered. Again here, Iran’s nuclear deal opened up such an opportunity. I would personally argue that the end to Iran’s isolation will allow for some sort of political renaissance where old diplomatic fault-lines and ideological grievances will have no sway anymore. Maybe now we can go back to fighting the real enemy of this century – terror, this time together!

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