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There is Nothing Anomalous About Israel’s Murderous Rampages in Palestine

THE LEVANT – Jafar M RaminiIsrael’s President Rivlin Calls the Brutal Killings in Kafr Qasim “Anomalous and Sorrowful”

Kafr Qasim Memorial
Kafr Qasim Memorial, Palestine.

(LONDON) – On this fateful day, 29th October 1956 the ‘most moral army in the world’ while plotting with Britain and France to attack Egypt, known as the Tripartite Aggression, imposed a total curfew on the village of Kafr Qasim.

Nobody bothered to inform the local inhabitants of this decision and the result was a bloody massacre that cost 49 Palestinians their lives; men, women and children.

They were murdered at the hands of the Israeli border police, simply for venturing out of their homes, unaware of what was awaiting them.

Fifty-eight years later, just three days ago, the incumbent Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited the town of Kafr Qasim to pay his respects to the families of the victims that were killed by the Israeli troops.

“I have come here today as a member of the Jewish people and the president of the state of Israel to stand before you, the families of the slain and injured, to mourn and remember,” Rivlin said.

“The brutal killing in Kafr Qasim is an anomalous and sorrowful chapter in the history of relations between Arabs and Jews living here.”

Anomalous, Mr. Rivlin? There have been so many appalling, bloody massacres of the innocent, the elderly, the children and anybody who has got in the way of the vicious Urgun, Lehi and Stern terrorist gangs back in the 1930s. Menachem Begin, Izhak Shamir and Arial Sharon, to name but a few, were all leaders of these gangs and ended their careers as leaders of Israel.

The Haifa Massacre 6th March 1937;
The Jerusalem massacre 1st October 1937;
The Haifa Massacre 6th July 1938;
The Jerusalem Massacre, 13 July 1938;
The Jerusalem Massacre 15 July 1938;
The Haifa Massacre 25th July 1938;
Haifa Massacre 26th July 1938;
Jerusalem Massacre 26th August 1938;
Haifa Massacre 27th March 1939;
Balad Al-Sheikh 12stth June 1939;
Haifa Massacre 19th June 1939;
Haifa Massacre 20th June 1948;
Al- Abbasiyah 13th December 1947;
Al-Khasas 18th December 1947;
Jerusalem 29th December 1947;
Jerusalem 30th December 1947;
Balad Al- Sheikh 31st December 1947;
Al- Sheikh Break 31st December 1947;
Jaffa Massacre 4th January 1948;
Al- Saraya 4th January 1948;
Semiramis Massacre 15th January 1948;
Jerusalem 7th January 1948;
Al-Saraya Al-arabeya 8th January 1948;
Ramla Massacre 15th January 1948;
Yazur Massacre 22nd January 1948.

There are literally dozens more, Mr. Rivlin. But the most notorious, for which no Israeli, President or otherwise, has apologized. Quite the opposite, they were all justified in the name of self defence.

I am speaking of the village of Deir Yassin on April 9th 1948 when 254 men, women and children were lined up and killed and the village of Ayn Al-Zaytoun, May 2nd 1948 when 39 bound prisoners were shot.

Not even the British, who helped to create Israel were spared. Remember the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 22nd 1946 when 91 people were killed and 45 injured? No good deed goes unpunished.

These massacres were before the state of Israel came into being. Since then ‘the most moral army in the world’ has been created, responsible for the repeated massacres of Jenin, Gaza, Nablus and Hebron when many thousands of Palestinian civilians have been murdered.

If you are looking for atonement, Mr. Rivlin, may I suggest that you put your Prime Minister on a leash and stop the bloodshed that is going on in Jerusalem and the West Bank as I am writing these words.

History is watching and you will be judged.

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