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New information discovered about The Message of Jesus

I was a little girl back then.
Just a kid. I had lots of free time.
I started following Jesus around.
He was a carpenter, builder of homes,
and I asked Him for a job.
I became His helper and He taught me construction skills.
His dad was a builder as well.
It was an old family business,
with a good reputation,
and plenty of business.

Jesus learned the trade at a very young age he eventually worked long enough
to experience
The Recession Depression
BUST Cycle.

I remember when He began
to scratch His head over this strange
slow down of the building business,
which slow down meant
the slow down of all the other businesses,
the ones making and selling all the things which go inside the home,
which every home has inside;
furniture, appliances, even food and clothes.

Jesus watch everything very closely.
He had this gift of being able
to focus very clearly.
He showed me
and I learned so much.

To get right to the point,
He realized that money was becoming scarce.
It was disappearing.
The money to pay the workers
was disappearing.
He studied this predicament intensely
and began talking
with other workers about it,
mainly seeking to discuss the matter with people who were already familiar with money;
the more successful business folks,
like fisherman,
their work is not interrupted by the seasons,
and investors,
even the tax collector.

They told Him about The Money Changers.
He went to investigate.
I followed along.
He watched what they were doing,
even tried to ask them about it.
But they were secretive.
This made Jesus look into their “business“ even more closely.
And it didn’t take Him long
to figure it out.

His own business, the family business, began to suffer.
He watched His Dad.
He watched some of the unusual things
His Dad began to do
in order to make sure his family would be OK, including Jesus.
He saw His Dad begin to hide away some money
to prepare for the slow down.
His Dad and Grandpa
were already very familiar with
The Cycles.

Jesus watched as businesses began to fail and more and more people
became homeless.

He tried to discuss the predicament
with poor people,
but they were clueless.
They knew NOT what they were doing
when it comes to money.

Jesus even realized
that even though His Dad
was familiar with money
it didn’t matter,
he hoarded money,
just like The Money Changers.
Jesus try to talk to him about it,
but His Dad got angry
and told Jesus,
“That’s just the way it is !”

Jesus was very sad.
I was there and I tried to console him.
But I was just a kid.

Jesus could see clearly
that hoarding the money
was causing a big problem,
and it all began with The Money Changers.
He began to get frustrated.

He went to the market to find
The Money Changers
and talk to them about it.
But he couldn’t find them.
That’s when he saw
that they had set up their business
in front of the church.
He got pretty angry.
He just instinctively knew this was very bad. He went right over to the table
and began to demand the truth
about what they were doing.
After just a minute some big guys came over and asked Him to leave.
Jesus became so frustrated
that he turned the tables over,
and went home.
I went with him.
He was crying.

From that time on
people stopped hanging around with Jesus, even his friends
became scared to be around him.

But I stayed with Him.
I saw Him go through
some pretty hard times.
It was very sad for me, even as a kid.

My name is Angel NicGillicuddy
and since that time I have learned a lot more about money.
I have learned not just the problem
but also the remedy.
I am sharing it on
and through the books of

To be continued …

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