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New Crypto Currency BitGesell (as in Silvio Gesell)

Will it prove better than
declaring demurrage on The US dollar?
Thanks to the developers
of this new crypto currency.
It is claimed that the new cryptocurrency
will save mining costs dramatically;
that it will save on the costs
of power consumption.
This discovery should stimulate
the mind of every environmentalist
to investigate further
the effects of
demurrage charges
on money.
The circulation of this form of unhoardable money compared to the traditional
hoardable form of money
is far better
and results in a much healthier
economy (economic body).
But it must never be forgotten that as long as the paper cash US dollar remains hoardable
and operating in The Dark Realms
we will most definitely still have
big trouble,
even the people who may profit
from the speculation
which drives any crypto currency
including the BitGesell.
However I am very grateful for these brilliant minds which have
decided to investigate
and help us to evolve toward using
unhoardable money with demurrage.

But The BitGesell does not threaten at all
The Establishment
and their financiers;
The Cash Mob Elite.
And because of this
The BitGesell
will be allowed plenty of media access,
unlike any attempts to have free easy
media access
declaring demurrage on The US dollar.
That is too bad
because unlike
The BitGesell
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
would prove far more profound
declaring demurrage on The US dollar
would lead to much more efficient and environmental
real world mining.
It would also lead to much more efficient and environmental
real world farming and agriculture.
This should stimulate the minds of those concerned about unhealthy farming practices
like using
Declaring demurrage on The US dollar
would also have the effect of very quickly
The Human Slave Trafficking business
into bankruptcy.
The BitGesell unfortunately
does not have that same effect.
But you can make money
trading it
along the cycles of speculation.

One thing we can hope for
is that the developers of
The BitGesell
will collaborate
with President Trump
to make the programming for
The US dollar with demurrage.

Anyone who understands the ideas
clearly laid out in Silvio Gesell’s
The Natural Economic Order
will know
that once we begin using
unhoardable money with demurrage,
like The US dollar with demurrage
much LESS money is needed
to run the global economy.
(compared to hoardable money
Reciprocal Trade
becomes the name of the game.
The Level Playing Field
becomes reality.
competitive cooperation
cooperative competition
The children
growing up in this kind of environment
will supersede
any human level so far reached
in history.
Even Jesus,
like He said.
A Tale of Two Secret Passwords
and Money”
will help assure this.

Angel NicGillicuddy

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