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Nawal Al-Zoughbi ostracised by artists syndicate over politics

Lebanese pop star Nawal Al-Zoghbi has resigned from the Syndicate of Professional Artists after the body told members they could not criticize politicians.

Al-Zoghbi posted a two-page resignation letter on her Twitter account on Wednesday slamming the country’s ruling elite. 

She said there was a “negative influence” from all Lebanese politicians and political parties and accused them of sluggishness towards the country’s current economic and political crisis.

The Arabic music diva said she did not feel honored to sit back and watch her “beloved Lebanon and its people” sliding into the unknown.

Al-Zoghbi also addressed her five million followers on Instagram and 4.7 million followers on Twitter saying she would show unity and support to her fellow “decent citizens” by resigning from the Syndicate.

Last month, actor Jihad Al-Atrash, the Syndicate’s chairman, requested that members should not criticize or mention politicians or political parties. He added that freedom of expression remains respected and preserved within the parameters of the constitution.

His statement followed an attack on the house of actor Asaad Rachdan by supporters of MP Gebran Bassil, the head of Free Patriotic Movement.

During a TV interview, Rachdan had criticized President Michel Aoun , his son-in-law Bassil and their political party for their governance and blamed them for the current crises in Lebanon.

“I will not remain silent and I cannot be silenced except by killing me and I am not afraid to die,” he said.

Rachdan’s home was vandalized and Aoun’s photos were posted all around it.

Al-Atrash was heavily criticized for his statement after the attack and many artists and actors showed solidarity with Rachdan.  

Al-Zoghbi condemned the statement from Al-Atrash and the Syndicate, saying it was her obligation to back good citizens and support their demands for a better life. She said people should be able to express themselves and their opinions “freely and democratically.”

She described the Syndicate’s stance as “a dangerous and unprecedented move.”

She had been a member of the Syndicate for 20 years.

Lebanon is mired in political and economic crises as its politicians have failed to form a new government amid a financial collapse.

Many in the country are furious at the ruling elite and blame the current situation on decades of corruption and mismanagement.

Source: Arab News

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