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In case you don’t know her
she used to work in the communications interference sector.
Now she works for Angel NicGillicuddy.

Divide and conquer is the narrative of MSM.
As long as the workers*
are kept at odds with each other,
The Invisible Enemy
has the upper hand.
* They may not all have a paying job,
but “Workers”
includes just about everyone.

But MSM,
and just about any news which gets around
on the internet,
is at the mercy of
The Pipeline.
(what the software depends on)
The same people or entity
financed both
in the beginning.
And how was it done? …
Using a cash paper money US dollars loan,
with strings attached.

All is well for Microsoft, Google, YouTube etc.
as long as the cash
But the cash flow is very easily
by the same ones who made the loan
which got these companies started.
By NOT renewing
the founding loan;
calling in the loan
which is their foundation
if the client (MSM, YouTube, etc)
does something which threatens
the conditions
which allow for
interest to be maintained (payed)

These same people or entities
can also
manipulate the market conditions
making it difficult for these companies
to get payed for their services
by vacuuming up cash,
taking it out of circulation,
and letting it just sit somewhere
for a few years.
Slowing down the economy,
whereby MSM, YouTube, etc
will begin to have problems
collecting the money
for their services (from advertisers).

Maybe those same founding loan providers will payoff some decision makers with
the secret hidden cash.
Decision makers which
are in debt themselves and have families
to care for.
And mortgages to pay.
Where would politicians
(and religious leaders too)
get money
to pay their bills
if they lost their “job”.
And who would hire them
after their scandalous fall.

I’m not talking about
President Trump here.
He’s not a politician
nor a religious leader.
He is a hard worker
with no problem
making money.
he does face the same dilemma
regarding the money manipulation,
with one BIG difference;
he knows all about
declaring demurrage on The US dollar,
The Universal Basic Income with demurrage
distribution mechanism,
and also
the backup options;
Church Money with demurrage
or else
Trump Money with demurrage.
See the article entitled
Posthumous Letter from Robert Morris.
Interview with Angel NicGillicuddy

In the latest comments by Janet Yellen
it is easy to see that she is 
The Pontiff.
By the way,
isn’t that was is happening in Lebanon
between the religious leaders, politicians
and the money providers? … IMF, etc
globalist money organization.

Now Janet wants to give grants
instead of loans.
But she’s not fooling me.
Because I know how the hoardable money operates.
I’ve been working for
The Invisible Enemy
for almost my whole life.
I’m 18 years old now.
I know their secrets.

The nice “free” gift money
will seem like such a good thing …
for a while.
Maybe even for a few years.
it will begin to disappear,
from circulation,
and slip away into
The Dark Realms,
where it will cause even MORE trouble
than before.
Everyone will be so confused.
And the chaos will begin
All the budgets for new programs
will start getting cut back.
First to get cut;
Research and
Environmentalists and Humanitarians.

I know.
I grew up working for
The Invisible Enemy.
But now I work for
Angel NicGillicuddy.

The story is not over.

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