By Russell Morris


A note appears
next morning
on the bedside table.

Dear Angel
The Basic Income
is given
ONLY using unhoardable
money with demurrage,
in doses   which completely “melt”
just before the next dose is received.
It is given to
anyone who wants it.
Each dose is enough to ensure
comfortably adequate
food, clothing, and shelter
for a week
or a day,
depending on how well
the recipient
can manage money.
This allows for better circulation
of the money  (everything really),
and better adaptability
to the coming changes.

If there are a lot of displaced refugees
then of course there won’t be
enough “homes”,
but new homes could be built
surprisingly quickly,
using the latest scientific technology.

How could this be possible?
Some people may already
have an income
and still want The Basic Income with demurrage.
Their Basic Income Money
can be invested,
using all the usual channels.
Most likely, The Basic Income money with demurrage
will move quickly
backward through
The Industrial Complex,
refining processes
and products
and stabilizing
the order process and even shipping
of the raw materials or
Natural Resources.

It can be said
that ANYWHERE there is infrastructure
and channels for doing business
then The Basic Income with demurrage
will WORK
many times better
than the traditional hoardable money.
The better the infrastructure,
the better this money will
immediately work.
If the infrastructure has been destroyed
or is just not in place (yet),
then temporary arrangements
can be created
using The Basic Income
of those who are able to invest it
and want to.
But it will be a good investment
with growth.
Things will be temporary,
but gradually become more and more
And then money will even begin
to flow into those areas
from outside,
as the division of labor gets developed
and refined
better and better.
Nothing will hold it back
any more.

It is said:
The People
in order to survive
will adapt.
It is natural
NOT to fight.

When it is seen
that unhoardable money with demurrage
WORKS way better
than the traditional hoardable money,
people will begin to exchange their old money
for the new
unhoardable money.

This Plan will spread
very quickly.

Business will become
more and more LOCAL
and people will begin to migrate
much easier and more naturally
to wherever is most comfortable
for each person.

It should be mentioned,
and not forgotten,
that our transition and transformation
using this new form of unhoardable
money with demurrage
will call for LAND
to be rented
and not “owned” anymore.
This change is something that will happen
gradually and by choice.
Nobody will be forced
to do anything.
The rental money
for LAND      (this does not include the man made structures)
should be dispersed equally
to all the women and children,
which should put us back on track  again
The Process of Natural Selection,
which has gotten so far off course
because of the special privileges
hoardable money allows.

Much more on all of this
will be coming.
See the article
published by The Levant News.

How would I invest my Basic Income with demurrage
if I already had a job and work income? …
The same way i would
using all the existing channels:
Banks, Financial Advisors,
directly myself into The New Hemp Sector …
there are so many ways.
I could even invest in low return
long term
environmentally friendly
projects and  companies. Including big multinational companies.
I could give it to one person whom I believe
would make the best use of it.
I could give it to a poor person,
but that really wouldn’t be necessary anymore,
since that person would already also be receiving
The Basic Income with Demurrage.

The note is signed
I’m with you.

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