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The MOO-LA pulls up to Doral

Tonight Angel NicGillicuddy‘s great ship
The Moo-La
is floating just off the coast
of the great city
Doral, Florida.

Angel and Barron
are sitting high up in the crow’s nest.
Here is the report:
Meetings are going well for
The New Southern Confederation
of The Americas.
This time it won’t end up like
The Old Civil War.
The South
Will rise
to assure
The New Levant Region
The Southern Corridor USA MEXICO
and so much more.
The most luxurious trade infrastructure in the western hemisphere.
Nothing will ever stop this developing
ever refining
trade gateway. Why?
Because to enter into this network
or zone
only national money which carries
demurrage charges is allowed.
Or else, if a nation so chooses,
The US dollar with demurrage.

Hoardable money
is history. (NOT used anymore)
in The New Levant Region.

Human Slave trafficking
will fade
more and more
as this infrastructure,
including The North South Railroad
gets created
Make AMERICA Great.

Certainly the whole world will benefit unimaginably.

And a whole world will see
and eventually understand that color nor race makes one the slave. Human slave trafficking is the result of
the hoardable form of money.
It started with metal. (Now it is essentially
The US paper dollar.
The same one being stowed away on ships and submarines transported to and from
“hotspots”. )

A while back
here in The USA
we had The Gold Rush.
It might have been adventurous,
but behind the excitement and
sensational headlines of
the mainstream news of the time
the subversive hidden cash
was providing
the means
for manipulating
and coercion
every step of the way West.
Even The “Native” American Indians
got in on it. *

* Source:
Memory’s Storehouse Unlocked
John T. Bristow
January 1948
just published
December 2019
See chapter
Turning Back The Pages
Wants Information

This story could easily be
part of the history
of any nation using
the traditional hoardable form
of money.
All the way back to
But history is not as important as
fixing the problem.
Declaring demurrage on The US dollar
will do that.

“What do you think Barron my friend?”
Angel asks
as the Sun sets
on The Golden Horizon;
Hoardable Money.

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