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A Money Proposal being Presented to The Grand Imam and The Pope

How to be Truly
Christian or Muslim
The Usury problem
solved. *

All the Federal Reserve notes
being returned
to those from whom they were borrowed,
the debt paid in full.

the endless interest accumulation
on all of the hidden US paper dollars
will end.
That will be a huge savings.
But the journey is just beginning.

The environmental and humanitarian crisis will also quickly reverse course.

What if The Pope
The Grand Imam
that in order to truly be Christian or Muslim* all followers were required
to ONLY use
unhoardable money
with demurrage,
this money being available
at each and every church and mosque
whereby one can ONLY obtain this money using cash paper
US dollars.

* Meaning
with the knowing
that hoardable money
feeds Usury,
which is The Beast,
always present inside each
and everyone of us.

Demurrage stamps
will also be available at each and every church and mosque.

For example
a member of the church or mosque
will bring PAPER US dollars
and exchange them
one to one
for God’s Money;
unhoardable Money with demurrage;
Money which decays
or “melts”
like everything else
made by God.

Each paper US dollar
goes into a holding tank,
where it can you longer feed The Beast
nor infect with disease. (keep reading)
Also for giving them back
as repayment.

And in replacement,
the church member
is given God‘s money.
This money is PAPER,
the same size as the US dollar,
and it will have the initial stamp
of Christianity
or stamp of Islam
applied on it,
this stamp signifying
that this one or five or 10 or $20 bill is valid and of full value
for one week,
when another demurrage stamp
must be purchased
from the church or mosque
and applied to the paper money,
next to last weeks stamp,
And then the money is once again valid
for one week.
This process is repeated
as long as the holder of the money
wants to keep holding
that piece of money.

The demurrage charge of 10% annually
(for example)
could even be seen as
the Tithe,
except it
wool WORK
much better.

(instead of holding the money)
spending the money
will transfer the demurrage cost
to the new holder.
the money can be put in a bank
or saving Institute
which means that the demurrage charges will be paid by the bank or saving Institute (except for ‘on demand accounts
where the demurrage charges
are still paid by the account holder.)

The bank or saving Institute
will not be left holding the money either,
as they will pass it into circulation
as investment
like usual,
and in so doing
avoid the paying of holding charges
or demurrage.

When the saver wants his money back
(in accordance with the investment terms)
then he will receive it back
not one penny less
and not one penny more.

Why will this work? …
Because God’s money
cannot be held out of circulation,
and leave the exchange incomplete
for unknown (but for some people, calculated)
periods of time.
God knows
that as long as the exchange
(essentially of energy)
is left open, then
tension, heat,
builds up,
and things change too.

The effects of the monstrous
presently destroying everything in your world will dwindle
and you will soon have
reciprocal trade.
That is,
trade where there is not Money Surplus
or Deficit.
This kind of trade
requires much LESS money.
You will see
very quickly.

And you will also see
that all the debt Money
paper US dollars
will be given back,
the loan paid in full.

What about all the digital dollars? …
Just for one,
that balance will quickly diminish
as a result of operational savings
which come
with infrastructure refinement
regarding shipping, factories and homes.
There will be plenty of money
available for this,
interest free.

I am here for your consultation to answer any questions and to discuss in more depth,
Angel NicGillicuddy ??

This doesn’t mean that
is out of the picture.

Two or more groups or nations
which each
are using unhoardable
Money with demurrage
will have no problem with each other.
Why? …
Because they will have civil peace,
which comes with a stable economy.
And two nations or groups
which both have civil peace
(peace within the nation or group)
will never go to war with each other.

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  1. Angel NicGillicuddy

    We all know the church has to operate
    like a successful business,
    so invest your
    Church Money with demurrage
    in The Abraham Accords.
    Trump will work with you.
    Angel NicGillicuddy ??

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