Thank you “Memory’s Storehouse Unlocked” by John T. Bristow (January 1948)

Did you know that in the beginning I created something; I made it; I worked on something and I made it with my own two hands and maybe with the help of some other friends. There was no money involved yet.
I looked around for someone that had the things which I needed so that I could ask them were they interested in bartering or trading but I was exhausted after days of doing this so I decided to sell my product for money. (Anyway, I owed my friends a little something for their help)

And it wasn’t long before a customer came and wanted to buy my product. We negotiated and bargained and made a deal right there on the spot he offered me $150 for my rocking chair. He had a $100 bill two $20s actually he had three $20s. I had no change of course not one dollar in my pocket that’s the reason I made my product it was in order to get some money. I absolutely needed this money in order to pay my rent I had already traded one of my chairs for a couple months rent and now the third month was due my landlord didn’t want another rocking chair. He wanted money he needed money. So I told my customer who was absolutely ready to pay me I said wait right here please I’ll be right back with some change I was actually a little bit embarrassed about the situation. And I hope that when I got back he wouldn’t want to re-negotiate for a lower price if the task of getting some change became too time-consuming for him.

So I went running to my friends they couldn’t help. And I quickly realized I needed to go to the bank. And were they going to give me money? Well probably not without interest. And probably also not without some kind of attachments and conditions. And that pretty much makes me start down the road in the direction of slavery. Let me just get quickly to the point when our money carries demurrage charges; holding charges; when our money “melts” if I just hold onto it then the bank will be LOOKING for borrowers. They would only invest in things that are able to be sold i.e. things that the people want i.e. the people being the workers
(Another reason to keep business and economic health in good condition and that means with good circulation of money).

And interest will fade eventually gradually. Money with demurrage assures this. And it assures good circulation no matter what the challenge. Or the mood.

This story would have taken place back in the early 1900s but it can still happen today if the market conditions are contrived to be such where money is scarce. Let me just say these kind of conditions are very easy to create for the cash mob elite otherwise known as the trillion dollar club otherwise known as the invisible enemy or the invisible hand.

This problem is easily fixed and the playing field can be leveled by declaring demurrage on the US dollar. And President Trump is holding this card in plain view of the other players in the game on the other side of the table. He has them In a kind of situation or predicament where they just seem to move into a position of one checkmate after another.
And then of course there is the matter of pirates or Vikings.

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Angel NicGillicuddy

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