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Hollis Doherty.


New and very critical
which is precisely needed
at this very time;
so much Cosmic Force
aligned with this new moon
February 11, 2021
in Capricorn

Hollis Doherty’s work
is about
Silvio Gesell
The Natural Economic Order
which she has studied deeply
for many years
so that now
she embodies
The Message
about an
Declaring demurrage on the US dollar.

This makes her
a serious threat to
The Establishment,
and because of that
her work is extremely rare,
practically impossible to find.

But creativity
always finds a way
to express truth
and breaks through the barriers
of Mainstream Media,
The Veil.

Once The Veil of Darkness
which surrounds
how the hoardable Money
Paper US Dollars
Leverage Device
then you will begin to think
and act
in an entirely new
and improved way.

The work of Hollis Doherty
will engage gears in your mind
which are vital
to the evolution of our species human,
and also vital
to the evolution of Life
on this planet Earth,
and even beyond.

For the record,
I am in full support of your work
Hollis Doherty.

Yours Truly,
Angel NicGillicuddy
Please join us if you are here Hollis,
and all the fans of Hollis as well,

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