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Mirror City on The Border and The New Levant Region

Is the stock of money,
the trillions US dollars
which have been injected into circulation,  going to stay in circulation long enough
to produce the desired result?
Climate change?
Or will much (MUCH) of this money
be cashed in , vacuumed up,
gradually and eventually,
for paper money US dollars,
and then,
for whatever reason it may be,
withheld from circulation,
hoarded, hidden from site
and indeed all tracing
no matter what the security measures
may be? …
very large portion of this new money
bing added to
The Giant Monster
Secret Cash Paper Money (US dollars)
Leverage Device.

Will the climate and the environment
and human relations
be set on the good path to stay?
Or will the injection of currency
be drained from the body economic,
cashed in, vacuumed up,
little by little
for paper US dollars money
to be hoarded and hidden,
used in The Dark Realms
to stir trouble and division
and breakdown
of all of our miraculous potential
of working together; the division of labor
which is
The Foundation of Civilization?
Will our Civilization fall
just like the old ones did?
And for the same “invisible” reason?

And will the injection of currency
even remain in circulation for long enough that one single generation
will be able to still benefit from the work which was started,
not necessarily finished though?
Or will one generation partially benefit
for a while
and the next generation get off to a very poor start,
watching and hearing
and being terribly affected
mentally and physically
by the confusion and suffering
which they end up living through in the first six years of childhood?

The problems caused by hoardable money have been going on for so long
that most people think “it’s just normal”,
that “it’s just the way it are”.
Will it ever get better? …
Has it been improving over the thousands of years?

It will get worse,
as long as money remains

The Beast
now has access
to trillions of US dollars.
It will get so big
you will not even be able to see straight,  unless
is declared
on the US dollar,
to keep all of that money
in circulation,
and manageable.

This was Trump’s Plan.
Will Biden carry it through?
Ask him.

Meanwhile, Trump has other ways
of carrying out The Plan.
Thank God,
no more generations will have to live
in the darkness and confusion.
Thank you Trump and Team.
Ask them,
will answer,
and we all
will learn.

Ask Joe?
My guess is that you will only here silence from him.

if he speaks,
you will hear and see
very easily
when he begins to lie.
It will be the question which takes him down,  and as well
of The Swamp Monsters,
one by one,
till Trump and Team
are the ones left standing,
and they walk peacefully
back inside The Capital
and finish what they started;
to declare demurrage
on the US dollar.

to Trump and Team,
Angel NicGillicuddy

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