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Military show in Sharjah on November 3

The UAE Armed Forces are continuing preparations for the second edition of Union Fortress, the largest-ever live military demonstration, which will take place in Sharjah on November 3.

The exercise aligns with the vision of the UAE leadership to highlight the major role of the armed forces in safeguarding the security of the country.

The Union Fortress show will showcase the capabilities of the armed forces, equipment and training to defend national interests and national security in close cooperation with other security agencies in the various emirates. It also reflects preparedness of the armed forces to safeguard the Union in the face of challenges and threats engulfing the region.

The military exercise also reflects the high sense of patriotism by the armed forces and the vital role they play in promoting cohesion, national identity and loyalty to the nation to stay united in the face of challenges and enhance the strength of the Union.

The organising committee of the Union Fortress 2 underlined the importance of the show in strengthening awareness about the combat doctrine of the armed forces represented in humanitarian values and principles and strengthening security, stability and peace keeping, rights and justice.

It also demonstrates the duty of armed forces in providing humanitarian assistance and support to all those in need regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds.

The show will also emphasise the readiness, courage and professionalism of the armed forces to confront regional threats and all forms of challenges.

The event will shine the spotlight on the world-class tactical and strategic professionalism and extreme performance levels of the brave men and women who wear the UAE Armed Forces’ uniform with tremendous pride and who sacrifice so much for the safety, security and future of the country.

Union Fortress 2 will feature an array of events, including joint military exercises by various units with the aim of demonstrating the high level of integration and harmony. The UAE Armed Forces have invited the public to the free-to-attend event, which will see a live-action scenario of joint exercise featuring every skilled component of the country’s armed forces.

Source: Gulf News

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