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The Levant News Daily Report On Syrian Military Developments

Syrian Army

THE LEVANT NEWS EXCLUSIVE — by Rim Al-Samman – Damascus – Translated by Mirvat Sibaii —

Official and Syrian sources on the ground affirmed Tuesday, that the Syrian Army in cooperation with Hezbollah the Lebanese Party, established control over al-Mas district in al-Zabadani city located to the northwest of Damascus.

This comes amid ongoing battles with the Islamic brigades in more than one of their cores towards the city center despite the sandstorm that engulfed the region, disabling the role of air strikes in the fighting.

Meanwhile, under the campaign “For the Sake of Zabadani”, “Operation Chamber of al-Furqan”, “Yarmuk Army”, “Ababil Army”, “Al-Izz Brigade”, and “al-Bara’ bin Malik Brigade” announced the launching of “Victory Triangle” operation aimed at recovering all the areas which fell down, few months ago, under the control of Syrian Army and Hezbollah in northern Daraa province.

In its statement, al-Furqan Brigades affirmed that it will turn its defeat into victory in the areas extending from northern Daraa to the provinces of al-Quneitra and Damascus. These aforesaid areas had come to be known as the “Triangle of Death”, due to the fierce fighting that took place there. However, al-Furqan Brigades threatened to convert it into, what it called as, “Triangle of Victory”.

On the other hand, clashes in one of Daraa’s western province villages continued apace between “Jaish Fateh al-Janoub” and the “Yarmuk Martyrs Brigade” who is accused of pledging allegiance to ISIS. Meanwhile, sources of the Syrian opposition revealed that “al-Nusra Front” has targeted through artillery shelling the residence of Abu Ali alBaridi known by “al– Khal” which had caused him severe wounding and had to be taken to one of the field hospitals. In the same context, the Yarmuk Martyrs’ Brigade announced in a statement that it succeeded in repulsing the attack waged by al-Nusra Front and other military factions participating in the skirmishes.

However, the opposition sources have been circulating news that an integration is expected to be achieved in the coming few days between “Jaish al-Islam” and “Faylaq al-Rahman” in Damascus province, eastern Ghouta in order to unit military efforts in the area.

On another note, it was reported that the Syrian Army has shelled positions of al-Nusra Front in Abu al-Duhour Military Airport at Idilb eastern province using land surface missile. Meanwhile, al-Nusra Front announced that it was able to capture 4 soldiers of the Syrian Army including one officer, confiscating two cannons and one missile launcher.

Field sources pointed out that the military operations have been escalating in the areas surrounding the airport during the past 24 hours, after al-Nusra Front waged fierce attack against positions of the Syrian Army who was besieged in the airport.

For the situation in Hammah, it was reported that fierce confrontations were taking place between the Syrian army and militants, as opposition activists affirmed that fighters established control over a check point near the Brigade 47. Meanwhile, a Syrian military source said that the Syrian Army together with the Popular Committees repelled an attack by fighters at the outskirts of Hammah province, killing and wounding scores of their members.

Moving to the north of Syria, field sources affirmed that ISIS blew a booby- trapped car near a site belonging to “Protection Units of Kurdish Population” in al Sweida at al-Hasak province. The explosion resulted in the death of 35 members of the Protection Units and wounded tens of them. This comes amid continued fighting between the two sides. Nevertheless, sources close to ISIS announced that the organization advanced in the area called “Rajem al-Tufaihi”, as it took advantage of the inability of conducting airstrikes due to the recent sandstorm engulfing the region.

Also, the sources revealed that ISIS has executed 4 person in the city of al- Bu Kamal in the western province of Deir al-Zour, for accusing them of kidnapping and selling human organs”

Source: Beirut Center For Middle East Studies




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