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Military aid reaches Kurdistan Regional Government

THE LEVANT – The Ministry of Peshmerga in Kurdistan Regional Government said that the process of distribution of heavy weapons on the axes of fighting are going on according to the need to them, confirming that they received heavy weapons, including anti military Hummer rockets. 

The site of the Kurdistan Democratic Party quoted the Director of Information of the Ministry, Brigadier Hlkurd Hikmat as saying “that the province received so far weapons from the United States and France, which are of good quality, other countries have expressed willingness to supply weapons to Kurdistan. 

He explained that “many of these weapons are heavy weapons, including mortar guns, mortars, Dochkats caliber 106 and 82 mm, RPG and other types,” noting that “among the weapons kind of anti-Hummer vehicles missiles which are found only in France, and asked to provide us with, and we are waiting for their arrival.

On the distribution of the weapons to the Peshmerga forces in the battlefields, Hikmat said that the process is done under the supervision of the Minister of Peshmerga and there is no intervention of any party, and is sending weapons to anywhere needs to send to.

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