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Mikati says resignation before elections out of question

Prime Minister Najib Miqati stressed Tuesday that the government will not resign before the parliamentary elections.

"One of the government's tasks today is to hold parliamentary elections, and my resignation might be a reason for disrupting the polls," Miqati said.

"For this reason I will not resign," he added.

Miqati had asked Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to turn an ongoing legislative session today into a general discussion session that would involve a vote of confidence over the government’s policies, but Berri refused.

"I heard yesterday remarks about the possibility of holding a vote of confidence in the government," Miqati said, adding that he wouldn't mind holding the vote if Parliament was ready to cooperate.

Miqati said he has sensed international efforts to support Lebanon while local electoral campaigns are attacking the Presidency and the government.

He mentioned "useless attacks" that are harmful to the country, and a lack of cooperation between Cabinet and Parliament.

"This is not right," Miqati stated. "We cannot get out of the crisis, if we don't unite to find solutions."

A capital control law proposal had been rejected in a joint parliamentary committees meeting on Monday. The committee members asked Cabinet to present a more coherent version to Parliament, criticizing its form and its content.

Miqati called for full cooperation between the government, the PMs and the parliament.

"Enough with putting personal interests ahead of national interests, because the country is paying the price," he decried.


Written by The Levant

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