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Midfield Terminal Airport set to open in 2019

Media was given access of the Midfield Terminal Building project at Abu Dhabi International Airport for the first time on Monday, currently scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Construction of the new terminal, which is estimated at more than Dh10 billion, is aimed at expanding Abu Dhabi’s aviation sector to meet with rising demands, as well as diversifying its economy. The building work is now 86 per cent complete. “This [airport] is the future … Abu Dhabi is performing and transforming to the biggest terminal airport building in the world under one roof … This [midfield terminal] is the pride of Abu Dhabi,” said Abdul Majeed Al Khoori, acting chief executive officer at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Everybody is looking forward to opening this terminal in the last quarter of 2019, and this is the aim between us and all stakeholders, he said.

“According to the schedule and according to what we agreed with the contractor, it will be ready for operation in the end of 2019. We have confidence in our team and our contractor to deliver,” he added.

Al Khoori acknowledged the challenges of building the mega terminal.

“Everybody knows the challenges that we are facing, [from] the size of the terminal, [and] the complicity of the systems,” he said.

“The aim is to be number one in the world in the sense of customer service. Today, we are number one in the Middle East in customer service, last year we took the best airport in the Middle East in customer service,” he added.

Sulaiman D. Al Siksek, acting chief programme officer at Abu Dhabi International Airport, also affirmed the project was on its way to completion after being delayed.

“We are building an iconic building, this is not a simple building, it is a state of the art building … Once it’s done it’s going to be one fantastic looking building, but with that comes a lot of challenges,” he said.

“This is where we as a project team … had to sit down with all consultants, the contractor, and all the subcontractors to keep the momentum going. Yes, we had challenges, but we were able to resolve these challenges that had some impacts on [our original] schedule,” he added.

“[We are now] moving forward to the building completion,” he said.

Key facts about Abu Dhabi Airport’s new midfield terminal

-New terminal is 742,000 square metres

-New terminal can handle a capacity of 84 million passengers annually

-New terminal can handle 11,000 passengers per hour

-New terminal can handle 19,200 pieces of luggage per hour

-New terminal will have 35,000 square metres of Duty Free shopping, dining, and entertainment

-New terminal is being constructed by over 15,000 workers

Source: Gulf News

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