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Message to All ‘Starving Artists’

If you want to sell your work
and you’re not afraid of competing
against the best
join The Mission,
help us deliver The Message
about declaring demurrage on The US dollar
so that the art market is not just manipulated and controlled
by the same ones that manipulate
and control
The Cash Mob Elite
and their secret hoardable cash paper money US dollars leverage device.

When demurrage is declared
on The US dollar
you will see
A Great Flood of money,
not new,
and of course it will flow to the lowest point;
The Workers, in the widest sense,
including all the Artists.
It will flow to the lowest point
like water
because money with demurrage
is like water,
it is money which melts,
it must flow (circulate).
The US dollar with demurrage
will WORK,
just the opposite
to the US dollar we presently use
which is hoardable.
IT does not decay
like everything else natural.
IT has a special privilege
and it gives this special privilege
to those who hold it (hoard it).
What is this special privilege?
It is the power to override even
The Process of Natural Selection.
Jesus knew this.
Mohammed do this.
Silvio Gesell knew this.
President Trump and his Team know this.

When demurrage is declared
on The US dollar
the money will flow to The Workers,
in the widest sense,
and those people,
having more money now,
will buy your art.
It happened this way
in the Italian Renaissance.
It will happen this way
in the New Renaissance.



Angel NicGillicuddy

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