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Meeting with members of The Golden Ring

“… declaring demurrage on The US dollar
is constitutional.
The Federal Reserve can still act
it’s role as ‘manager’.
V please get off the table.”
She is dancing to YMCA
in a short
red plaid kilt.
Suddenly she stops and salutes.

V: “Cheers,
to President Trump declaring demurrage
on The US dollar
before Christmas,
regardless of the vote count.”
She reaches down for her cup and holds it up for a toast,
“To President Trump’s picture
being on the newly issued paper money

Angel holds her cup up too
and the others do the same
almost hypnotically.

Angel: “Funny thing you know,
that in the course of the first one year
there will remain only trivial amounts
of US paper dollars
being held somewhere. *
Will anyone want a souvenir?
Why would they?
Everyone can easily have one,
they are nothing special to collect.
But if you do collect
then remember,
‘The money Is melting
and eventually it will decay like natural
into thin air.’

The Trump paper money that is
in transition
will be LOOKING
for good investment.
What a great reflection of our great friend President Trump,
who does the same with his money
as usual.

Shall we rub the magic bottle?”

“ Oh yes yes yes please.”
She seats herself politely
and begins being with her breathing
and listening closely.
The Spirit of Silvio Gesell.”
She takes the top off,
rubs the bottle,
and red smoke
streams from the opening.
It swirls around the room
and then we hear
Frosty The Snowman, The Christmas Song,
being whistled.

Many of those at the meeting;
members of The Cash Mob Elite,
begin to have a curious,
wondering look on their faces.
Then a mysterious
whispering voice is heard,
“Top hat.
Smoking pipe.
Beady little eyes.
A long carrot Pinocchio nose
… and a cold heart.
What will happen to Frosty
when demurrage is declared
on The US dollar?
for The Great Flood
of cash paper money.”

V :
“I know how!”
V bounces out of her seat.
“Build infrastructure!
I love saying that …
She says it very seductively.
“I love it.
And I love President Trump.”
… to be continued.

* Regular postage stamps can be used, stuck to the back
of the paper money notes,
for tracking payment of
demurrage or holding charges.
Using for example
12% per year demurrage charge,
a one penny stamp per month
for the one dollar bill,
a ten cent stamp per month
for the ten dollar bill,
a five cent stamp per month
for the five dollar bill … etc with the rest.

No worries
about post office stamp machines
wearing out,
most of the cash paper money
will just be delivered by the holder
fairly quickly
to their local bank,
where the bank teller can assist with any questions.
Some of the cash paper money may be left in the pocket
but even this stash usually turns over often
in the course of a short period of time,
so the demurrage charges are
relatively insignificant.

Angel NicGillicuddy

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