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The new media division of The Levant News – one of the last independent Middle East news providers – The Levant Media was born from a partnership with Access Media a well-established British-based PR and Brand Management Company.

The Levant tells stories like no other media company. Free from national or regional bias, The Levant strikes a unique balance between informed reporting on the ground and editing with an international perspective. Our news coverage is rich with facts and context that speak to readers everywhere.

A natural extension of The Levant, The Levant Media caters to companies, individuals, government institutions, NGOs, and political entities alike, offering its clients a unique insight and expertise.

Our Expertise
Our traditional PR expertise underpins everything we do. Each of our senior team practiced PR before the social media shift and brings extensive PR experience to the table. Our campaigns are driven by everything you’d expect of an outstanding PR agency – creative thinking, meticulous planning and robust measurement. We pride ourselves on our digital knowledge but understand that print and broadcast media still have a vital role in setting the news agenda.

Over the last few years there has been a fundamental shift in the way people consume media. Our work is designed to reflect this as we help brands to build convincing narratives across new multimedia platforms. As search and social re-shape the media landscape, The Levant Media has consistently been in the vanguard of the industry’s response to the challenges posed by the new media paradigm.

Our experts were the first in the UK to specialize in delivering PR campaigns through social media channels. Since then we have evolved technologies and expertise that allow us to make sense out of an industry that is changing at a dizzying pace. Our social campaigns are focused on driving business goals not vanity metrics, and our approach to measurement is designed specifically so that our clients can tell the difference between the two.

What makes us different
At the core of our business is a PR agency, and just like any other agency we offer strategic counsel and execute campaigns. Where we differ from most other agencies is in the nature of our expertise and the breadth channels through which we can work. We help clients understand the impact the social media is having / is likely to have on their businesses, to create strategies that will make the most of opportunities whilst minimizing risk, and to deliver campaigns in new ways and through new media.
Because most of our experts began their career working for the media we understand exposure and platforms better than anyone.

The Levant Media has developed a set of research tools, processes and metrics that help our clients to make sense out of social media. Our social media audit is designed to filter out the vast amount of “white noise” and help you get to the right information whether that is mapping influencers, monitoring your competitors, picking out key trends or simply understanding what people are saying about you.

Our Services

* News Services/Article dissemination
* Media positioning — newspaper, digital, radio, TV
* Commentaries
* Interviews
* Translation
* Content Editing and Promotion
* Editorial consulting
* Press Office – press releases, brochures, leaflets, reports, press packages
* Crisis Management
* Public Relations and Campaign Management
* Branding

Our versatility and adaptability has meant that we have been able to adequately tailor our services to our clients’ needs. Whether you are looking to promote an idea, get a campaign off the ground or simple understand the ever morphing media world we are here to assist you.

Feel free to get in touch with our team should you have any further questions:

Arthur Blok,
Managing partner & Executive editor-in-chief

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