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Maronite patriarch blames political class, wants popular pressure for change

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi blamed Sunday "all officials, be them in power or in the opposition," for the "horrific collapse."

"The opposition forces could not manage to reach an agreement, while the rulers put Lebanon and the Lebanese at the mercy of foreign projects," al-Rahi said.

He urged a "corrected popular uprising," as he accused the opposition of getting dragged into daily disputes at the expense of national issues.

“All the Lebanese are living the consequences of the collapse at all levels, and a solution must be found," the Patriarch said, adding that "there must be a corrected popular uprising, a national change and a recovery plan for the benefit of the country."

He also called for turning to the United Nations "to ensure that Lebanon remains free, neutral and strong."

Al-Rahi slammed some judges for unjust practices and blamed "the Minister of Finance for unjustly refusing to sign a decree that resumes the investigation into the Beirut port blast."

"We have had enough," al-Rahi decried, as he promised to "fight with all our might to preserve Lebanon."

"We want to live here freely, with heads held high in civilization and prosperity," he added.


Written by The Levant