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Loyalty to Resistance wants Lebanese forces held accountable

Head of the Loyalty to Resistance bloc MP Mohammed Raad warned Sunday that there will be a price for “the Lebanese Forces’ treachery that committed a massacre on Thursday,” referring to the deadly Tayyouneh clashes.

“We will not rush to a civil war and we will not threaten civil peace, but we also will not accept that this blood go in vain,” Raad said.

“The state must investigate and reach the culprits to hold them accountable, seeing as this is its job,” the Hizbullah lawmaker added, noting that Hizbullah will wait to see what the state will do but “will not forget the blood of the innocents from our people.”

“Their entire history is full of massacres and attacks on civil peace,” Raad went on to say, referring to the LF.

Apparently lashing out at LF leader Samir Geagea, the MP accused him of “planting snipers on rooftops to tell his handlers that he is the horse that they can bet on to ruin civil peace and the country.”

He warned: “Our problem with the group of snipers will have a separate price, seeing as the blood of our people is not ink. The blood of our people remains blood and we know its value, seeing as had it not been for it, no Lebanese would have possessed dignity and the Israeli’s boot would have been ruling this country.”

Turning to the port blast investigation, Raad asked: “What are you afraid of?”

“Those who want the truth must unveil it without cheating, falsification and lying to people and without turning the probe into something that can be exploited to incite people against each other. This is all what we are asking for regarding this matter and we will follow it up,” he added.

Five Hizbullah and Amal Movement members and two civilians were killed and dozens of people were injured in Thursday’s fierce clashes in the Tayyouneh area.

Hizbullah and Amal have accused the LF of deploying snipers on rooftops and opening fire on peaceful protesters. The Lebanese Forces has meanwhile denied using snipers while noting that it was Ain al-Remmaneh’s residents who “defended themselves” in the face of an “invasion” by the supporters of the two groups.

Source: Naharnet.com

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