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Louvre Abu Dhabi opens to public

See for yourself the interconnectedness of humanity, rich cultural and historical offerings and the dialogue of civilisations through art — right here in the UAE.

The iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi museum on Saadiyat Island opens its doors to the public today, November 11, 2017 — with 1,000 extra tickets released to the public, according to officials.

Dubbed as the first universal museum in the Arab world, Louvre Abu Dhabi offers a glimpse into history of the world and its major religions.

And though the theme is universal — with more than 600 in-house exhibits found in its 23 galleries, and 12 “chapters” — it also present Arab and regional art in a historical context.

The museum was inaugurated on Wednesday by dignitaries from the UAE and France, and the museum is hailed as a monument to the global confluence of cultures “that will broadcast tolerance and acceptance”.

Organisers explained the arrangment of exhibits is deliberately chronological, meant to create a dialogue between pieces from different cultures.

From today, families, schools, art and history enthusiasts can plan a day out visiting the iconic museum and its many different exhibits and workshops.

Following are ticket prices, getting there and other important details.

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Find out how to get there, timings and how to buy tickets in our visitors’ guide below:

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