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Look in the Mirror: You are a Woman. Are you Proud?

“Woman”. A big word that holds great meanings! How proud are you for being a woman? Do you realize how beautiful & strong you are? Are you celebrating your small & big achievements?

By Reem Bitar
Look in the mirror. Look how beautiful you are and how strong you have been! There is nothing stronger than a woman who has built herself by herself. A woman that created her path in life through learning, growing, developing, and setting goals.

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform”, Diane Mariechild.

Here is the 6-reason checklist for why you have to celebrate being a woman:

1. Women are beautiful. You got a beautiful & kind soul that spreads hope, warmth, positivity, and peace wherever you are.

2. Women are strong. You have great time-management skills. You work, give birth, cook, marry, and achieve. All those tasks require good management and resistance to be able to stand up and stay strong.

3. Women are ambitious. You do not settle for ordinary living. Instead, you work hard, set goals, and plan to achieve those goals. You learn and learn. You never seize to develop yourself!

4. Women are sensitive and at the same time, they work well under pressure. You have high level of empathy and emotional intelligence that make you flexible and effective when dealing with people from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Moreover, since you have good management skills, you can manage many tasks at a time which makes you stand out.

5. Women are good partners. With your support, love, tenderness, and smartness, you represent a great partner. You tend to encourage and support your partner to achieve more and unleash his potential. In addition, you are wise enough to manage conflicts and hardship when they happen.

6. Women are leaders. Since you have a great sense of understanding to others, you know very well the potential and strength of other people. This makes you a great leader that put the right people in the right place. Actually, your intuition and attention to details help you a lot in becoming a leader.

In summary, women deserve to be called beautiful, respectful, ambitious, creators, successful, unique, and precious. Hence, those women deserve to be treated right, appreciated, taken care of, and loved truly.

Dear Woman, you must be so proud of yourself. Realize your worth, develop yourself, and never stop achieving. You are a shining star that gets brighter every time. Never allow any setback to let you down. You will always rise.

Reem Bitar is a holder of a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from the Lebanese American University. Her passion for HR & psychology led her to found her blog “Human Capital Lens” that highlights the latest trends in HR, psychological Capital, relationships, and personal development. Reem is a content writer with a lot of engagement on LinkedIn. A strong believer of hard-work, determination, proper planning, and lover of Chocolate.

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  1. It is nice to see a woman cheering up women.
    Yes women have a great potential that surpass men in a lot of domains.
    Keep up the nice work Reem

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