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Stack of US Dollars

A Letter from Angel NicGillicuddy

Downloading The Message
Has had its effect

Air Magic
is the most powerful of all.
And it does ride upon
The Breathing
as talk begins happening.
In the most intimate situations
it is “leaked”
like a premature
… orgasm.
It’s happened like this
for 1000’s of years.
about where we are headed.

Take a look:
Peek Through The Veil

A Letter from Angel NicGillicuddy

For you who are in the know already
and all their friends.

Thank you.

Angel NicGillicuddy

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  1. hello. can you please explain further? what will the u.s. dollatr with demmurage look like exactly? block chain? also, why did you add an article with the headline about viktor schauberger as it seems to me there is not much about schauberger in the article and seems very out of place? And why does it say he is calling in the article? If he s available, I would like to speak to him. I want to know how he died if you could ask him for me that would be great.

    • Angel NicGillicuddy

      Hi Jon thank you for engaging.
      The dollar will look exactly the same
      except on the back of each note
      will be required the appropriate stamp
      to show that demurrage or holding charges
      have been paid up to date.
      These stamps can be regular postage stamps.
      There are Post Offices
      in more locations around the world
      than probably any other type of office.
      This is the way Silvio Gesell was planning to
      start in Bavaria
      when he was finance minister there.
      After one year
      the back of the money notes
      still left out of circulation
      will be covered by the stamps
      and that dollar note or bill
      will be exchanged for a new one.
      The new notes
      can use a more advanced technology
      to keep up with the demurrage or holding charges.
      However by then there will most likely
      NOT be very much paper money
      being held “in the pocket”
      (out of circulation).
      But the option will be there always
      in case someone does want paper money
      for some reason.
      There are other articles to answer your questions
      on this site.
      For example
      The Postal Service and Silvio Gesell
      Open Letter to The Post Office General.
      There are 150 articles in all probably more.
      Most of them as excerpts from
      the children’s books I write.
      But there are valuable lessons in each one.
      I am a big fan of Viktor Schauberger.
      I try to bring him (and little hints of his work)
      into some of the articles.
      I believe that when we begin using
      money with demurrage
      his machines will have a much better chance of
      manifesting into our reality.
      I have the books by Callum Coates.
      I think Viktor died of depression
      after the deal he made in America
      went bad.
      You can find his story in the books
      by Callum.
      Feel free to ask more questions.
      It will take time
      but I am sure that
      I can explain it all clearly.
      And of course
      the exact path has turns in it
      and is always open to
      improvements as we move along.
      Block chain has many good uses.
      But it may not be so necessary for money
      when demurrage is declared on The US dollar.
      Angel NicGillicuddy
      Try searching “Shibboleth “ on this site
      for all the articles over these last two years.
      And I write a new one about once or twice a week.

    • Angel NicGillicuddy

      Hi again Jon
      I just wanted you to know,
      if you continue to study
      The Way
      The Natural Economic Order
      you will transform
      the way you think.
      Great Rest
      in Great Hope,
      Silvio Gesell
      You will see EVERYTHING
      much more clearly.
      I invite you to ask another question

  2. Angel NicGillicuddy

    One more thing Jon,
    I’ll be Tweeting all of the articles
    in order
    starting today.
    About three per day.
    It’s a news story you can learn a lot from.
    Happy New Year
    Angel NicGillicuddy

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