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Sukleen workers begin to collect garbage again in Beirut after a week-long political debacle prevented them from being able to collect the Lebanese captial's trash. THE DAILY STAR/Mohammad Azakir

Lebanon: Lawyers file travel ban request against ‘Sukleen’ owner

The Levant News — Beirut — Activist lawyers filed a request to issue a travel ban against the Sukleen parent company chief, Maysarah Sukkar.

Lawyers Hani Murad, Maher Hammoud and Marianne Berro filed the request to the Beirut Judge of Urgent Matters Zalfa al-Hasan.

Murad said the request is to hold those responsible for the “environmental crisis” accountable and “take action before they leave the country.”

Sukleen and Sukomi are both part of the Averda group owned by Sukkar.

For the last 20 years, Sukleen, and later its partner Sukomi, have been contracted to keep the city clean. But they have consistently been sources of controversy. From questionable public contracts to poor environmental practices, the company has come under scrutiny on numerous occasions.

A three-month waste crisis reached its climax on Sunday as the first winter rains washed piles of garbage onto streets. The crisis began when the infamous Naameh dump shut down in July. Originally designed to receive 2 million tons of trash, Naameh had received over 15 million by the time of its closure.

Source: The Daily Star

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