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Lebanese crisis forces Pizza hut to shut down

Pizza Hut is closing in Lebanon as the fast food chain succumbs to the country’s deepening economic crisis.

The family food favorite posted a notice on social media thanking its customers for their support and asking them to “hold on to these memories until we make new ones.”

Rocketing inflation, power blackouts and the closure of a number of institutions have all contributed to the collapse of the country’s economy and a mass exodus of Lebanese seeking work abroad.

For foreign food and beverage franchises that rely on imported goods priced in dollars, the collapse of the Lebanese pound has been especially difficult to absorb.

In a notice posted on its Facebook page, Pizza Hut Lebanon said: “We will never forget the excitement on your face whenever you get your cheese stuffed crust pizza . . . Offering you the best quality and experience has always been our top priority. Until we are able to do that, with a heavy heart, we say goodbye!“

Source: Arab News

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