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Lebanese Army Arrests Over 20 Suspected Terrorists in Southern Lebanon

THE LEVANT – The Lebanese Army arrested over 20 militants inside the Jezzine District of Lebanon today, after learning of a plot to commit acts of terrorism in the country. Lebanese Military Intelligence received an anonymous tip about a group of militants that crossed the border of Syria – via the Sheba’a Farms – and entered Lebanon with weapons and explosives.

As Lebanese Military Intelligence learned of this illegal border crossing, the culprits were apprehended by the Lebanese Army in southern Lebanon. Upon their capture, the Lebanese Army found documents and maps that depicted planned attacks, targeting densely populated residential areas. The majority of the culprits carried Syrian passports and they were believed to be members of Jabhat Al-Nusra and ‘Ahrar Al-Sham militant groups.

The influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has createdand fear and resentment for many civilians in Lebanon, as ISIS operatives continue to engage the Lebanese Army in an armed conflict. Two Lebanese soldiers were beheaded by ISIS over the last two weeks and many others remain in the custody of the latter; further agitating and already stressed population.

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